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Apples to Apples

For a girl whose birthday is on Pi Day, I am not a pie girl. I prefer my crusts on things that are savory, I have never been a fan of the big ole pie thing. I am an excellent baker and certainly could whip one up with confidence but I prefer crustless or graham cracker crusts so I tend to stick to my divine fall baking staple: apple crisp.
Each year, at least once, as summer whips away in the wind and we begin to pull out hoodies and jeans again, I also pull out my vegetable/fruit peeler and go to town making my specialty. I have yet to meet a boxed package or recipe in general that rivals my own. I am confident in my skills at making downright delightful apple crisp. Each year when we apple and pumpkin pick, me and the kids make some together (although it's mostly me and the youngest little making and everyone else eating).
I found that the kids at the school I teach at were not eating their lunch apples... they were leaving them to go bad and get tossed or worse throwing them a…

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