Thursday, May 17, 2018


Scars on your soul
Scars on your skin
Some on the outside
Some are within
Some have a story
Some are unwritten
Some you can see
But most are quite hidden.

I saw this in a stepmama group today. I do not frequent these "support groups" very often because I find that most online groups are just extensions of other sorts of drama. I have asked for advice and gotten answered kindly but also with a million questions or judgement that was clearly projected. I get it. We all get it. There is a lot of pressure on women today. Pinterest moms. Mommy bloggers. SAHMs with lots of extra money to throw around. Where my parents "parenting style" was to instill the idea that you can do and be anything with hard work, many Millennial parents have created a parenting style of entitlement rather than hard work. If you are trying to teach your kids to love themselves and the Earth, and their neighbors and to work hard for positive changes and work hard to make their dreams come true it can be heartbreaking in the world today. I get it. I really do. However, what this poem said to me in the moment I read it was simple: judgement has no place in this world today.

No one knows your story except you. No one can change you or heal you. All parts of the story come down to you, so why judge another person's story if all you will ever know of it is the cliffnotes version? You do you, I will do me, and the world will keep on turning.

Friday, May 4, 2018

May the 4th Be With You!

Just wanted to post a quick little snack-filled Star Wars Day post to share some snacks I made my kids and hubby today. I used the adorable free printables made by Sandy Toes & Popsicles in her Father's Day pack and made due with a little hand color pop since I had to print in black and white! 

Enjoy and May the Force be with you... Always...

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Cat Grass Grow Kit :)

I just had to share this adorable and easy to grow kit we came across on clearance at the Tractor Supply store nearby. We live in a rural area and get our hollistic pet food here so I spotted it right away. It has a soil pellet and some seeds and this grass grew so fast you could almost watch it grow! One morning we had little shoots and by the next day we had grass that was lifting the greenhouse lid! And our pretty kitty loves it! 

It was a triple win-- something healthy for our cat, a great deal, and my stepdaughters got to grow something for our pet and witness the success and love that gardening can bring! What a great treat and confidence boost! 


Thursday, April 19, 2018

Taking a Spring Break

Some days are just perfect. Some days remind you that everything WILL be okay. 
This is one of those days for me and I got to see my family enjoy an old school diner and laugh together. It's nice to have reminders about how good life really is. 

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