A new twist for Disney Villains: The Odd Sisters!

I received an advanced reader copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. The Odd Sisters by Serena Valentino is scheduled for publication on July 2nd and is available for preorder online!

This was an unexpected start for me to the wondrous world of the Villains series and I was able to share reading with my villain-obsessed tween! We had the perfect mix of snowed in and lazy weekend hours after receiving this book and finished it in just a few days! We just loved the way this story came together and, all spoilers aside, can't wait as this is surely going to become its own series!

While waiting for full publication enjoy the concept art from Illustrator Pablo Santander, as shared on Ms. Valentino's blog.

We also couldn't wait to look at the bigger picture behind the Odd Sisters roll in the previous Villains series books. Once we finished, I immediately ordered the first book in the series and think this is going to be a family favorite! I can't wait to see what Lucinda, Ruby, Martha (and Circe) had in store for my favorite new and classic Disney villains!

The Villains Series
Fairest of the Them All 🍎
The Beast Within 🥀
Poor Unfortunate Souls 🧜🏻‍♀️
Mistress of Evil 🧚🏼‍♀️
Mother Knows Best 💇🏻‍♀️

From Disney Publishing:
Throughout the course of Serena Valentino's Villains seres, a trio of witches called the odd sisters has changed the fate of the greatest villains ever known: the wicked queen, Beauty's prince, the sea witch, the Dark Fairy, and the old witch. They've turned innocents into monsters and left chaos in their wake.
Now those they have wronged plan their revenge. But when the truth about the twisted, diabolical odd sister is revealed, nothing in the many kingdoms will ever be the same.
This darkly fascinating series reimagines Disney's villains as you've never seen them before.

Disney Twisted Tales: A New Take on Classic Stories!

I received the Disney Twisted Tales box set as a gift earlier this year and loved the "what if?" stories from Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, and Sleeping Beauty! I was super excited when I received a preview copy of the newest addition to this series: Mirror, Mirror. When I heard the next book would be Snow White themed I had pondered what the twist would be and I love the question taunted right on the cover: What if the prince had been poisoned?

I dove right into this book, although this is the 7th book in the series, 5 of these books (including the only 3 others I have read) were all written by Liz Braswell. I was uncertain if I would enjoy this book as much as I had the others and I can say with all honesty this was just as good as the Twisted Tales books I have previously read and has me excited to pick up the few I have not gotten to yet!

Mirror Mirror is a unique take on the the Twisted Tales series and an exciting read for Snow White fans, Disney fans, and anyone looking for a book to make you think, wonder, and believe in fairy tales. You can pick up your copy on April 2nd when it will be available for purchase online and in stores! And if I haven't convinced you, head on over to the FREE EXCERPT that Disney Publishing is providing and give it a go! Good luck, fair men and maidens!

Far From Agrabah - A New Fairy Tale from the world of Aladdin!

I am hyped up for the new Aladdin film coming out. I have been following it since I first saw a rumor this was happening. First Beauty & the Beast, and now Aladdin, AND the Lion King-- these live action remakes are everything my little tween heart dreamed about!

As you could imagine, I was super excited when I was chosen to get an advanced copy of this book to read and review. I grew up with the great Disney classics of the 80s and 90s and Aladdin has always been a favorite of mine. This book tells an untold story of what happens during Jasmine and Aladdin's famous carpet ride. It is in the night that is montaged for film viewers in the classic song "A Whole New World" that nearly the entire contents of the book takes place. I LOVE this concept and loved the bigger story behind all the travels in a song that was so rampant throughout my childhood. This book hit me right in the nostalgia! It is a great read for a lazy day at the beach, rainy snuggly Sunday on the couch, or even aboard a plane headed for your Disney Parks summer vacation!

For my full review, head on over to GoodReads! And pick up your copy in bookstores and online beginning April 2nd (you can even preorder at many booksellers)!

Fork yes! Toy Story 4 books and merchandise are on the way!

Ever since my family visited the over-the-top new land in Disney's Hollywood Studios last year I have been reinvigorated with my love of all things Buzz, Woody, Bo-Peep, and Jessie! Toy Story Land is anchored by a new family favorite: Slinky Dog Dash and the theming and atmosphere do not disappoint!

I was thrilled to get my hands on a preview copy of one of the newest Toy Story books that introduces the star of the Toy Story 4 trailer: Forky, a craft made from pipe-cleaners and a spork who aggressively declares he is not a toy! Check out "Forky in Craft Buddy Day" in stores and online May 7th, and enjoy the sneak peak below!