Birthday Recipe Review!

For my eldest's 11th birthday, she had a very specific vision of what she wanted: a tie dye cake with hot pink icing with birthday flags on top and cake pops. And if you are like me, a stepmom who was feeling like she had to prove her worth... than you know I did just that!

I am a huge fan of the Cake Boss' line of boxed cake mix. If I can't make it from scratch, this is my favorite. And when I spotted his version of tie dye mix on sale, I had to give it a go. This did not disappoint! So much easier than making sure I have the right colors and make things equal brightness (I get a little crazy about stuff like that when baking). 

And as far as cake pops go, we did strawberry cake with dark chocolate (dipped in rainbox jimmies) and I ALWAYS use the recipe from Bakerella! Her site is phenomenal for all things cake pop!