I have had to struggle with my stepkids being manipulated and guilted by being told everything is a "tradition" with their mother. Things that were attempts to circumvent agreed upon custody arrangements and designed to not allow them to full enjoy time with my fiance and I. 

You can't truly mess with love. And my family does all things with love. My mother began a tradition of making gingerbread houses years ago. Since my fiance and I have been together the kids have been invited to decorate with my niece and cousins. It has been an authentic tradition that the kids genuinely look forward to. It isn't overdone or forced. It's just everyone enjoying the wonders of the winter season.

 This year, we started a Christmas Brunch tradition. While custody switched every year and the kids won't always be here for Christmas morning, we CAN always plan our Christmas brunch. It was genuinely lovely to see this plan unfold and it warmed my heart so that it bubble over to hear my eldest stepdaughter suggest that we do this every single year "forever"!