'Will You Be in Our Bridal Party?' Gifts!

Well, as you know, me and my man are both on our second marriage. Not only are we embracing everything about our second marriage being our best marriage but we love the idea that we get to decide everything-- all the details, all the fun, all the things we have always wanted. And we are doing it together! 

I made little jars with handmade bracelets and some little paper mache bees and wrapped them in cute basket weave jewelry plates for my Maid of Honor and Junior Bridesmaids. For my bridesmaids I got stemless "Bridesmaid" wineglasses. Annnd for the ring bearer a bear teddy in a box that I wrote on the lid "Will you be our ring bearer?" 

As for the boys, we got little manscaping gifts and little games for my stepson. Of all of these things, the only one I snapped a picture of was the best man gift. It was pinspired but with deadlinks everywhere! We got a shot glass for him when we were in Mexico so paired it with a bottle of tequila and scooped up some paper Easter grass. Then I hand-lettered "Will you take another shot at being my Best Man?" on the lid when you open up!