Gifts for Your Golden Girls!

I generally keep my career to myself but I feel comfortable enough saying I am a schoolteacher. I made a little bit of a career move this year requesting that my schedule in the fall be moved to another high school in district. Over the last 12 years I have made some amazing friends at my home school but I was ready for a challenge. I decided to make candles to show them that I am thankful. 

I made about 3 dozen of these Golden Girls themed candles. I ended up selling off my extras on etsy but I found the graphic on pinterest (if anyone knows who created this I would love to thank and credit them) and added text. I also made a card to attach with bakery ribbon that said, "Thank you for being a friend." 

I used soy wax, salt and pepper shakers, and fragrance I ordered from Amazon (I am using these ingredients for our wedding favors so more on that soon!)