Poem for His Ex

This is an entry in my journal from last year. I was fed up with a lot of stuff and sometimes that is just how the words come out. It took me a long time to accept someone's ex being part of my life for pretty much ever and a long time to stand up for myself to her. This was hard for me because I am not used to letting other people fight my battles (although it did bring me and my fiance closer together honestly).

Hey little girl
I hear your angry cries
What's that you thought?
The wold was between your thighs?

Hey little girl
It's time to grow up now
What happened to you?
What happened to your pup now?

Hey little girl
You are rightfully scared
Everyone will see your ugliness 
If your face or soul are bared

Hey little girl 
I was broken once too
But my heart saved me
And that's the difference between me and you