Summer Dessert Round Up!

Anything that helps me when I am know I am already not reinvented the wheel makes my heart happy! This summer my stepdaughter and I made a "Summer Recipe" board on pinterest and we posted and then made lots of amazing treats! 

(Side Note: We also made LOTS and LOTS of slimy! We love this recipe for regular slime, and this starburst slime is so fun and tasty!)

Above, we made Root Beer Pie! This took a bit more time than we expected to set but we just used the extra time to make some Root Beer floats and smores outside! This ended up being a wonderful night where we read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets around the fire while desserting. 

As far as no-bakes go, I don't have a picture of our Fruity Pebbles Pie but it gets an honorable mention (the cereal got a little soggy for me). 

Our favorite by far was Ice Cream Bread! Which is incredibly fun and easy to make! We added lots and lots of sprinkles. (I particulary love the way this loaf cracked and it looks like the crack in Amy Pond's wall from Doctor Who.)

Last on our must-list is this great trick for ice cream cone cupcakes! We found this in the comments of the recipe! Poke holes at the bottom of all of your cones (we used chopsticks), then pour your cupcake batter into regular cupcake liners in a muffin pan, then put the cones on top! This method was great- it let the steam right out and the cones were not soggy at all!