Last Day of Summer Breakfast!

With the way my fiance's custody is split we don't ever have the kids for lazy Sunday afternoons, but we always have them on sunshiney Sunday mornings! This is awesome because we can get up and hike or walk or bike or enjoy the Easter Bunny! It is also awesome because we can start sweet traditions like the LAST DAY OF SUMMER BREAKFAST EXTRAVAGANZA! We have come to love this! 

The picture above is last year, with the awesome Cinnamon Roll Cake I found on, you guessed it, Pinterest! I added sprinkles and icing that said "Happy Last Day of Summer". We also used cookie cutter letters to spell out the kids names in cantaloupe and made melon kabobs (we are a family that love kabobs)!

This year we have farm fresh peach pie, apple turnovers, bananas, and pineapple on the menu!