Birthday Magic

Birthdays are downright magical if you let them be. As we grow older we become more self critical and sometimes I think this leads to just simply fearing age. I am not one who denies my age (I look younger than I am thanks to good genes and laziness in my 20s where I never wore makeup or processed my hair), I do fear time though. I am sad thinking about a time that I maybe grow to be old and lonely, that I could lose someone so special and important to me, that I know deep in my heart that right now I am living the "good ole days" of the future of my life. One of my greatest joys is celebrating my children. And our littlest little loves all things bright and sparkly and happy. So today, on her birthday, I want to share some of our birthday cake-creations over the years!

 The first picture are the Rainbow Connection cupcakes from Picturing Disney, complete with flying TARDISes (that's my girl). We found two years of unicorn cake ideas on Pinterest, which I love as a parent but simultaneously find that when people tell me my creations are "pinterest-worthy" it sometimes feels like a back-handed compliment. And the bottom cake, my favorite birthday picture of our girl, is a Frozen themed cake (this cake and the unicorn head were both made by my amazing mother) to go with a Princess Yoga party. The Frozen cake came complete with candy glass and edible snowflakes!

Happy Birthday, beautiful girl. 
I taught you how to shampoo your hair and brush out all the knots, how to tie your shoes and buckle your seatbelt, how to read and write your alphabet, how to tread water and treat people how you want to be treated, how scared is a superpower and history can be amazing, but you taught me the most sincere thing about life and love: that when we love someone unconditionally nothing else matters and everything will always be okay. Even though you will never see this, I love you littlest little since the first time you met me and asked if your Dad got married since last week. You are filled with more magic than you realize and I will give all my love and time trying to show you all the wonder you fill the world with.  :)