Taco Tuesday!

Just thought I would share a little sweet Taco Tuesday love!
My hubby and I made these for my stepson's 10th birthday fiesta and they were a huge hit! 

They are super adorable and easy to make! We topped cupcakes with them on a cupcake tower for his birthday party but I didn't get any pics of the finished product (they were a big hit)!

You will need:
Golden Oreos
Chocolate Frosting
Shredded Coconut
Orange and Green Food Coloring
Mini M&Ms (red only)

Simply, split your Oreos in half, removing as much of the filling as possible. Then slice them in half. Use the chocolate frosting as your taco filling and to hold your shell together. 

Top with tomatoes (red M&Ms), shredded cheddar cheese (coconut mixed with orange food coloring), and lettuce (more coconut mixed with green food coloring).

I recommend purchasing two packs of Oreos (or double what you think you will need) as we had a lot of casualties! But it all paid off when we saw the smile on our boy's face at his party! :)