Upcycled Candle Jars

I just wanted to share one of my families favorite upcycles! 

Once I am done using a candle I put the jar with its little layer of wax into the freezer over night, then the remaining wax and wick will pop out easily with little effort from a butter knife! Then I remove the labels, wash the jars out and the lids and we re-use them all over the house! 

We have used them as memorabilia jars, to hold makeup and cotton swabs and other bathroom essentials, and we use them to organize our school supplies! There is a great windowsill between our living room and our sitting room and we used a roll of chalkboard tape to label our jars! 

My favorite jars are the ones that come from my favorite candles, Bath & Body Works 3-Wick Candle Jars! They have great push down lids and are a nice size and now that mason jars have gotten so trendy and are not as cheap and easy an option for crafts and storage as they used to be this is a great way to teach kids about upcycling and reusing!