Happy Single Awareness Day! ;)

Final product of our Conversation Heart cookies!

I love parties. I love planning, crafting, decorating, hostessing, all the party things. Last year we were away in Mexico the weekend of a dance that my oldest wanted to attend.  We felt guilty enough leaving them with a babysitter for a full 24 hours (by the way, both the kids and the babysitter informed us afterwards that this was simply not enough time and we would need to go away again and longer next time, please) and then when the dance got moved to this date and we couldn't coordinate a ride for her we offered that she could have a mini valentines day party. We had heart shaped pizzas, a sundae bar, and all the selfie decorations nearly-13-year-olds could wish for! When she asked if she could continue the tradition I though it would be cool if everyone got to have a mini party each year so her sister decided to do an end of the school year party and her brother Halloween. 

Although this year's theme was "Un-Valentines" day I still feel like my hubby and I helped the girls have a great evening. They had their pizza and snacks, and we streamed the original Scream movie for them...and for dessert? Me and the girls made these lovely cookies! We realized at the last minute that (1) we didn't have a heart cookie cutter and (2) I was the only one who could actually squeeze the royal icing out because it had hardened like our hearts. lol. We made it work by hand cutting the cookies and I wore my arthritis brace as soon as I started icing these bad boys juuuust in case.

This is a double win for us- fun quality time and a pinterest idea that turned out just as good as the pin even with some snafus! 
This picture inspired me to get new baking sheets, the good airflow kind. lol.