Expedition Roasters will help you Brew Your Happy Place!

I have been a fan of Expedition Roasters for a long time! I first discovered them last summer when my sister, knowing my hatred for coffee, love of Disney Parks (and sweet), and need for caffeine spotted a post on social media advertising for their old branding. I immediately contacted the company through my old website, and was thrilled with their amazing response and how I really was able to brew my happy place at home! Recently I featured a mug they had sent me in a post on my Instagram about awesome books (I was going for an Adventureland theme in the picture).

When I decided I wanted to take some time to talk about my wedding, our plans as a family, and our plans for adventuring as newlyweds, I knew that I wanted to get some exciting partnerships going. I reached out to my friend who runs one of my favorite Disney blogs and whom I had worked with before and started piecing together contacts to create a great giveaway (more on that soon but sneak peak in the picture above). I knew I wanted to include Expedition Roasters because I love their unique take on bringing Disney magic home and their coffee is just divine. I could not have been more impressed with the re-branding and repackaging once my coffee arrived! The bags are beautiful and resealable! Beside the Enchanted Tiki Coconut and Route 66 Tire Fix blends featured above they also sent me Round Up Roast (a smore's flavored coffee) and Dark Side blend (caffeine with a side of Sith).  These were a little camera shy because I sent the Dark Side coffee off to  promote for our upcoming giveaway... and my family came over for a Sunday brunch and we literally went through the ENTIRE bag of Round Up Roast that afternoon! Not only did EVERYONE love it, but our entire kitchen smelled like the perfect summer evening (smack in the middle of a winter that just won't end in the northeast).  

Although they sent me these items free to be featured, you can trust that I have given you solid and honest reviews here and I know that once you check them out for yourself you will be sold! 

Here are all the ways you can visit, follow, and share Expedition Roasters:

Adventure On with LeSportSac's New Spring Prints!

Let me start off by saying that as I write this I have just discovered the new LeSportSac luggage that was released and I currently have about 14 tabs open on my browser for all the items I am currently coveting so I can compare colors and sizes! This spring has brought a whole slew of amazing patterns to the LSS family and I wish I could review them all! The lovely ladies from LSS did send me some amazing American Stamp print bags! And coming up on April 2nd- one of them could be yours (more on that giveaway to come)! 

Lets talk about these two amazing styles that never go out of style:

Both of these styles come in the adorable American Stamp pattern, ready for any road trip you are cooking up, and they feature this adorable light blue lining:

They feature the amazing, easy to clean, fabric that continues to make LeSportSac my go to company for all my travel and everyday needs! The fact that these are designer bags with the easy of being able to wash in my machine when my son throws his uncovered lollipop in my purse or my daughter's homemade slime leaks out of the half-closed ziplock bag she stored it in is a real godsend! How often is it that I don't have to feel like I sacrificed style for convenience as an adult?

LeSportSac sent me these bags for review and giveaway and I have shared one with the co-sponsor of our upcoming giveaway. Since I have no bags to snap more pictures of for this post, I wanted to share some of the other AMAZING prints available this Spring. 

First of all, The Little Prince!
This entire line is incredible but I think this one bag can say all the things I am thinking:
This Book Pouch, even features a "Little Prince" inspired zipper pull
And the Astrology and Zodiac prints made my heart flutter (seriously though, we are super into our horoscopes in this house) so I thought I would sure the Square Cosmetics for me and my girls signs:
No matter who you are shopping for or what your style, there is sure to be something for everyone from LeSportSac this Spring!

Your Mama Don't Dance

As I write this I am sitting in my car at dance with my youngest (she’s inside). I have tried, I really have, to join the ranks of the dance moms and feel like I belong. Although her dance class is on our swap day, birth mother does not socialize and mingle with other parents and therefore she doesn’t ever stay for class. She drops Little off and goes for coffee or to one of the shoppes around. So here is an opportunity for me to bond with other moms finally, right? No awkwardness or loyalty issues. Even the dance teacher is so over the top excited when she sees me and/or my husband. Yet I find myself the odd man out for most conversations.

First, I felt super excited to hear a conversation about school: I remember thinking “Yes! This is my area of expertise!!” ...only to find the parent wanted to trash teachers, not talk to one. The next conversation swiftly moved on to weight loss “Phew!” I thought, looking at my muffin top. But that conversation quickly shifted to the weight being from babies. I don’t know if this was an excuse (I mean, these women were talking about decade long baby weight, after all) but I suddenly felt fat and lazy and out of place. I smiled and nodded. I moved on. The next class started with talk of Disney World (my home away from home) and I was psyched, thinking I could share my vacation planning knowledge. Again, I was disappointed. These moms wanted to complain, to tell it “like it is”, but not really talk or listen for that matter.

Finally, after I accidentally took someone’s seat I actually got to talking to the lovely lady whose seat I stole. I even worked up the gumption to ask her if we could exchange numbers. And she was so nice and so kind. I found that while she was Leah's birth mother she was also a stepmother and she even asked me advice for some situational things her boyfriend had experienced. It really settled my heart. We haven’t talked since that day but I felt like it was an all around win. Yet, to my dismay, Leah’s mom wasn’t there tonight. I sat in a waiting room with the owner and her assistant who were busy, a Dad who is always present but largely ignores me, another Dad I have never seen diligently working on his laptop, and two other moms who were so engrossed in their cell phones that I felt compelled to pull out my own.

So, I just couldn't do it. I bowed out at that point. I hit the closest coffee shop and came back intended to regroup and head in. Here I am. Still feeling insecure, still wondering if I have what it takes to not fall apart as a mama, and drinking my dirty chai alone in my car instead of on the couch where not-so-long ago I felt like I made a friend.