Expedition Roasters will help you Brew Your Happy Place!

I have been a fan of Expedition Roasters for a long time! I first discovered them last summer when my sister, knowing my hatred for coffee, love of Disney Parks (and sweet), and need for caffeine spotted a post on social media advertising for their old branding. I immediately contacted the company through my old website, and was thrilled with their amazing response and how I really was able to brew my happy place at home! Recently I featured a mug they had sent me in a post on my Instagram about awesome books (I was going for an Adventureland theme in the picture).

When I decided I wanted to take some time to talk about my wedding, our plans as a family, and our plans for adventuring as newlyweds, I knew that I wanted to get some exciting partnerships going. I reached out to my friend who runs one of my favorite Disney blogs and whom I had worked with before and started piecing together contacts to create a great giveaway (more on that soon but sneak peak in the picture above). I knew I wanted to include Expedition Roasters because I love their unique take on bringing Disney magic home and their coffee is just divine. I could not have been more impressed with the re-branding and repackaging once my coffee arrived! The bags are beautiful and resealable! Beside the Enchanted Tiki Coconut and Route 66 Tire Fix blends featured above they also sent me Round Up Roast (a smore's flavored coffee) and Dark Side blend (caffeine with a side of Sith).  These were a little camera shy because I sent the Dark Side coffee off to  promote for our upcoming giveaway... and my family came over for a Sunday brunch and we literally went through the ENTIRE bag of Round Up Roast that afternoon! Not only did EVERYONE love it, but our entire kitchen smelled like the perfect summer evening (smack in the middle of a winter that just won't end in the northeast).  

Although they sent me these items free to be featured, you can trust that I have given you solid and honest reviews here and I know that once you check them out for yourself you will be sold! 

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