Our Pre-Honeymoon Post-Wedding Disneyland Adventure!

When it came to honeymoon planning, things got complicated for us. I am a schoolteacher so I can't take substantial time off until the summer and our children, who are with us the majority of the week, spend a week at the beach each summer thanks to their maternal grandmother. We decided that would be the best time to take our honeymoon. Only problem was... that was not until July. So we decided to take a weekend away in California. This was my 3rd time hitting the west coast but my husband's first and I originally wanted to make it a super awesome long weekend where we see all the southern Californian sites. This was not the case as the wedding approached and we got closer and closer without any plans we just ended up planning our trip to be in Disneyland the entire long weekend. Not that I am complaining, but I am 3 trips in and still haven't dipped my toes in the Pacific Ocean.

We got into Cali in no time (as always from East to West coast) and headed for the parks by way of Downtown Disney. We tried to grab up some lunch but from being over-caffeinated and under-nourished for the day I had high anxiety and we decided to walk it off and head right for California Adventure. We walked our way through the park, deciding to head to Paradise Pier, which is being reimagined soon but also one of my FAVORITE places in Disney Parks (I have been to Disney World 12 times and Disneyland 3). My new hubby loved it as much as I did. We had to meander back and forth to be able to ride California Screamin' because it was going in and out of commission but we got to snack and buy some adorable ears while we made our way around the pier.

We were particularly smitten with the ride I was honestly most certain that I was not going to like! The Hollywood Tower of Terror has ALWAYS been a favorite of mine and I didn't get to actually ride it until probably my 4th trip to Disney World so I have always felt like I was making up for lost time with this one. There was a lot of controversy, and a lot of Disney fan hate when they announced that they were going to re-fit the ride with a Guardians of the Galaxy theme. Although I love that franchise, I did not think I would love the ride. Suffice it to say, I could not have been more wrong on this one! Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout is HANDS DOWN my favorite memory of this trip. I will be an old lady gray and wrinkly, senile and forgetting where I put my dentures, but I will remember my husband's laughter and the shine in his eyes when I turned to look at him during this ride.

We ended up park hopping each day for the rest of the weekend just to share some laughs, smiles, and fun on this ride again. We walked back to our hotel, and were happy to pass a Sanuk store on the way because my flip flops had flipped their last flop on the way out of the park. We headed back to Paradise Pier hotel to find our room ready and waiting with a lovely view out of our window. And some art work that made these Beemans smile. :)