Disneyland Post-Wedding Adventure Part 3!

After a wonderful couple days touring the Disneyland parks, my new Mr and I decided to get up and grab some food in the hotel and then head out to the pool. The slide was lovely but the sun was better. There is nothing sweeter than sunshine by the water when at home winter is rearing its frigid head. We didn't expect such a warm snap in November in California but we welcomed it with wide open arms. After some relaxation we decided to head out to both parks for a greatest hits round! We started out in Disneyland and were delighted to find that OVERNIGHT the entire park had been transformed for Christmas! We hit our favorites for another round (Haunted Mansion Holiday, Winnie the Pooh, Matterhorn, Space Mountain, Big Thunder Mountain) enjoyed the scenery and each other (and were back to being mostly unplugged.

We decided to start our Cali Adventure Park greatest hits by heading back to Pacific Wharf for some drinks and late lunch. We took some pictures here and then made a nice round around this park hitting all of our faves (Toy Story, Little Mermaid, Mission Breakout, Radiator Springs Racers, Soarin') and then hopping on lines for whatever tickled our fancy as we toured the park until World of Color. We headed back to our hotel and decided to take some time in Downtown Disney the next morning shopping and enjoying the sunshine before grabbing our flight home.

We were up early and grabbed a reservation in our hotel and were gifted the digital download thanks to some Disney magic from our server. We shopped a bit, smooched a bit, held each other's hands and prayed the sunshine followed us home until our next adventure!