Disney + Neff tell an adorable Toy Story!

As you know from my minor obsession with Disney bags and luggage, I love to test out new bags. Recently while at a Disney Store outlet I nabbed up an awesome collab bag between Disney and Neff featuring Toy Story characters! We are planning a trip and over the moon excited for Toy Story Land at Walt Disney World Resort (and Slinky Dog Dash) and the final cost of this bag came to $18 once I used my coupon so I was a happy camper (originally $49). 

I took the bag with me to Washington DC where I was very pleased with the space. I used this as my personal item on the flight and only brought a small duffle with me for my carry-on.  It was great to be hands free in the airport and the backpack was wonderful as I explored the National Mall museums and monuments! And I received so many compliments at the great, low-key, design! There is a water bottle side pouch, small cooler pouch in front, and laptop space as well as pen and accessory organizer.

The collection is mostly sold-out on Shop Disney right now but you can view the whole lot of it and if you scroll down see if there is anything in local stores that catches your eye! I found mine just a few weeks ago so you may get lucky as well!