Get Ready for NYCC and Halloween with these awesome Autumn books!

Disney Publishing loves to outdo themselves and these Fall pics (which came out this summer) are sure to get you in the mood for Comic Con and Halloween!

As if the release of the literary version of Hocus Pocus is not gift enough, this book comes split into two parts: first the original story, and then the ALL-NEW SEQUEL! Oh My Disney released this article with a little back story on the new characters! Let me just tell you that fans of this, well, fandom will not be disappointed! I don't want to give any spoilers but if this is one of your beloved films, I truly believe this will be one of your most beloved books!

And as if that hasn't been exciting enough! Britta Lunden (a writer for the CW's Riverdale) released this amazing young adult book Ship It through their FreeForm division this Spring! My teen stepdaughter had nothing but rave reviews! She started to tell me part after part and then stopped herself to save me from spoilers because "you HAAAAAAVE to read it!" It was by far her favorite summer read this year and I can say that it honestly completely reinvigorated her love of reading! 

And she was right about her review! Once I picked it up I loved the story that revolved around fandoms, friendship, and even had an awesome comic convention setting!
 If you want to check out my stepdaughter's take on her teen summer reading, check out her Instagram book review page, if you want to check out these two amazing Fall finds follow the links above or stop by your local book store!