Our go-to Disney Park Bag!

When we first got our hands on the adorable Petunia Picklebottom Axis Backpack, I knew it was going to come with me on many adventures! We have been to countless soccer games and zoo trips but above all, it was indescribably helpful our our recent trip to the Walt Disney World Resort! My kids love this bag as much as my husband and I! They are always doing things like filling the wipe container with snacks or shoving cameras in tiny pockets that are so smart and innovative!

(Sorry for hazy pics, it was so humid I couldn't keep my lens clear!)
We loved that now that our kids our big the hidden bottle pocket fits a perfect sunscreen spray, the cooler bottom kept our waters cold on the hottest July days Florida had this year (and kept them away from our other items) and the top part of the bag had perfect space to fit our purchases, our wipes (doesn't matter how old your kids are, the wipes are always needed, amiright?), and there were so many pouches we could keep all three of the kids pin lanyards separated! What more could you ask for in a Disney bag? "A cute Disney pattern" you say.  Well done and done, besides the Pooh & Friends pattern we have there is also an adorable Mickey & Minnie pattern available! And possibly the cutest of all is the new Stitch collaboration!