Summer Reads for School Age Star Wars fans!

In our house, the discovery of Tom Angleberger's writing was a beautiful moment in time for my stepson. Not only was Origami Yoda a new take on his favorite fandom, but he and the main character share the same name. There is no better jackpot for a 4th grader, really.  He devoured the entire series, and spent most of the Spring he was in 4th grade carrying his own Origami Yoda with him all over town (and creating his own origami characters).  He was over the moon (even though two years have passed since his obsession with that series) to find out that Angleberger released The Mighty Chewbacca and the Forest of Fear! He nearly snatched it out of my hand when our Disney Books package arrived! 

When I asked him for some details to post about, he revealed many plot points and spoilers so I will simply leave it at: this is an adventure the size of a wookie! And if you doubt how much my boy loved this book, take a look at where I found it when I went in his room to swipe it for some pictures!
Next up for my Star Warrior? Rae Carson's Most Wanted a story from the Solo era.