Explore the world beyond the Four Realms with Disney Books this Holiday!

Halloween is over so in this house, it is officially Christmas season!
This holiday season Disney is delighting audiences by turning the wildly popular Christmas ballet to the big screen and Disney publishing has not disappointed with book options for children of all ages! My ten year old loves listening to Read Along Storybooks in the car.  Sometimes she actually follows along in the book, but often she daydreams or draws as the story plays. We have not gotten a new one in a while so when these arrived she was stoked!

The awe continued as we went through the other Four Realms books. The extended novelization expands upon the story in the film, has some illustrations, and is beautifully crafted with gold foil cover design, sewn in ribbon bookmark and a gorgeous handcrafted style. It is probably most appropriate for middle grade readers but younger kids could read it easily with a little help.

This preview illustration and opening to the storybook  caught my entire family's attention. We weren't sure the kids would want to see this film at first because they are so excited for Ralph Breaks the Internet, but after I started reading this to my littlest and they all were so mesmerized I think we will be making a movie trip! This storybook follows the film with fantastic illustrations.

Disney's The Nutcracker and the Four Realms books are available wherever you buy your books! Check them out and don't forget to add them to your holiday wishlist!