Holiday Gift Guide: Board Games to Keep Any Kid Busy!

I was ecstatic when Wonder Forge/Ravensburger sent over some games for our Holiday Gift Guide, they all looked amazing and after playing a few rounds with my family I think we all realized how quality, authentic family fun beats anything we can get out of digital media today. 

The first game we checked out was based on The Incredibles 2 and called Save the Day. The idea in this game is that all players work together to eliminate the threats to the city. We played two rounds of this one because we did not clean up the city as fast as we wanted during round one! I think this game is great for all ages. My family consists of a 10 year old, 12 year old, and 14 year old (plus two 35 year old adults) and although I think younger ages would take longer I think there is playability for all kids!

Next up, we tried out Pictopia which is a family favorite at our house! We had a copy a while ago, that the kids lost most of the cards to so we couldn't play anymore.  I will say that even though it is irrelevant to the game itself, the packaging has changed and I really love the new box/board. It is packaged really pretty! In this game, you basically see a picture of characters from a film or show and then you get to gauge your own knowledge and make a bet before being asked a question. This is so great for all ages because of the picture element. We have enjoyed it for years. You certainly have to be a Disney family for this one to work but it truly is full of fun! 

Last but not least, by far our favorite game of the night was Villainous. This game is probably better for older kids, its a little more complicated since each person is assigned a different villain (I was Ursula) and has their own tasks to complete to win the game.  There is a chance younger kids could "team up" with an adult to make it easier but the overall gameplay is more complex.  The design and art on this game is so beautiful and it was clear that it was put together with are from start to finish. We have been a family that quite enjoyed the Descendants flicks and loves to route for Jack Skellington when we watch Nightmare Before Christmas, so this game was right up our alley!