Disney Twisted Tales: A New Take on Classic Stories!

I received the Disney Twisted Tales box set as a gift earlier this year and loved the "what if?" stories from Beauty & the Beast, Aladdin, and Sleeping Beauty! I was super excited when I received a preview copy of the newest addition to this series: Mirror, Mirror. When I heard the next book would be Snow White themed I had pondered what the twist would be and I love the question taunted right on the cover: What if the prince had been poisoned?

I dove right into this book, although this is the 7th book in the series, 5 of these books (including the only 3 others I have read) were all written by Liz Braswell. I was uncertain if I would enjoy this book as much as I had the others and I can say with all honesty this was just as good as the Twisted Tales books I have previously read and has me excited to pick up the few I have not gotten to yet!

Mirror Mirror is a unique take on the the Twisted Tales series and an exciting read for Snow White fans, Disney fans, and anyone looking for a book to make you think, wonder, and believe in fairy tales. You can pick up your copy on April 2nd when it will be available for purchase online and in stores! And if I haven't convinced you, head on over to the FREE EXCERPT that Disney Publishing is providing and give it a go! Good luck, fair men and maidens!