Far From Agrabah - A New Fairy Tale from the world of Aladdin!

I am hyped up for the new Aladdin film coming out. I have been following it since I first saw a rumor this was happening. First Beauty & the Beast, and now Aladdin, AND the Lion King-- these live action remakes are everything my little tween heart dreamed about!

As you could imagine, I was super excited when I was chosen to get an advanced copy of this book to read and review. I grew up with the great Disney classics of the 80s and 90s and Aladdin has always been a favorite of mine. This book tells an untold story of what happens during Jasmine and Aladdin's famous carpet ride. It is in the night that is montaged for film viewers in the classic song "A Whole New World" that nearly the entire contents of the book takes place. I LOVE this concept and loved the bigger story behind all the travels in a song that was so rampant throughout my childhood. This book hit me right in the nostalgia! It is a great read for a lazy day at the beach, rainy snuggly Sunday on the couch, or even aboard a plane headed for your Disney Parks summer vacation!

For my full review, head on over to GoodReads! And pick up your copy in bookstores and online beginning April 2nd (you can even preorder at many booksellers)!