Last Minute Stranger Things Teen Party!

In our house we have a bit of birthday overload. We do a friends party, and a family party, annnnd a celebration just for the 5 of us on the kids actual birthdays. This is something we always did in my home growing up and I love doing it for the kids. 

My September baby wanted to have a party before we went back to school so she planned an adorable campout in the backyard centered around a Smores bar and "Scream" projected on the detached garage for an outdoor movie. Her party was from a Friday to a Saturday-- and her family party was to be on Saturday afternoon. On Wednesday she came to me and said "I was thinking the campout thing won't really work, so can I do a Stranger Things theme for my family party?" And of course I said "yes!" because I freakin love that show! 

Then, it set in that I had 3 days to make something out of nothing! I started to look around and see what I could come up with at home. I made a sign for the tent that was going to still likely be up from her campout party with friends. 


When the girls all had gotten picked up from her party, I planned to quickly sketch a nice little Will-esque drawing (circa season 2) on our chalkboard wall and string some lights across our sitting room window. I used car crayons to write on the glass. (You can click the images below for a larger view.) 

 When she first asked me I went right to Amazon where I ordered plates, napkins, and a tablecloth. When they arrived I got plates, stickers, and this lovely wall hanging. Oh and I had about 18 hours to spare before the party. I tried to roll with it and I decorated around the cake with the stickers and everyone enjoyed grabbing some cute Stranger Things stickers to take home. I hung this bad boy up (and left it up through Halloween)! 

But the pi├Ęce de r├ęsistance was, of course, the cake featured at the beginning of the post made by my mother, a jack of all arts and the most divine baker I have ever known. 

Party Playlist
River - Leon Bridges
Stay with Me - Sam Smith
Classy Girls - Lumineers
She's Got You - Patsy Cline
Hazy Shades of Winter - The Bangles
Theme Song - Never Ending Story
Amazing - Andrew Allen
Drop in the Ocean - Ron Pope
Autumn - Ben Rector
Time After Time - Cyndi Lauper
Theme Song - Stranger Things