Teen Camping Party!

I was super excited when my daughter wanted her 15th Birthday party to be an adorable outdoor camping party! Without all the narration, here are all of our best ideas for decor and snacks!

We made fruit infused sprite for drinks! The morning of the party we sliced the fruit, poured the soda over top, sealed the mason jars, and then we chilled them in a cooler outside. We ordered paper straws and Kraft paper napkins, bowls, and plates. 

We used old fabric to make a flag banner (visible in first picture) and to make strings for other decor. I bought wooden signs and chalkboards from the local Dollar General and cut Cricut designed in white so they all matched and would last! The corner of the "Lets Make Smores" sign I made is also visible in the first picture and it lasted outside until we packed up our fire pit for the season! 

We used a snores menu that I found on Etsy and I put all the ingredients out on a serving tray: Hershey bars, Cookies and cream bars, Reese's Cups, fresh fruit, chocolate and regular grahams, icing, sprinkles, and two mallow sizes! 

I also volunteered my services for their cute insta-worthy picture taking because its her party and she'll post if she wants to! 

And lastly, between the tent and fire pit we set up blankets so the girls could watch a movie on a project outside. We have a large detached garage that is perfect for this and got the projector on Amazon for under $50. You really don't need a screen- a sheet or solid wall works great! The girls watched Wes Craven's Scream and I Know What You Did Last Summer! 

Other notable decor, the lanterns were actually something we have been using the last few years. They were along the aisles and then used as centerpieces at our wedding in 2017 and we have used them for a while as outdoor lighting. We use fake candles that are battery operated in them and got the candles and lanterns at Michael's Arts & Crafts. The wooden utensils were from a large set on Amazon and are completely recyclable. We also ordered pizza, had traditional party snacks, and had balloons and garden lights decorating our porch.