Broadway Babies

This year I took my girls to their first broadway shows. I had this image in my head of what the day would be like, how magical it would feel. How I would take cute pics with Soph and the curtain from Wicked, maybe a little photobomb from the Clock of the Time Dragon. How Autumn and I would use these temporary tattoos I’d been saving for yeaaars that said “Rise Up” before going to see Hamilton. Welp, all these preconceived notions I’d had fell by the wayside. Because of other theater-goers obstructing our view, Soph ended up sitting on the other side of her cousin-- we weren’t even next to each other. Then, I was so overtired that when Autumn and I were putting on our Rise Up tats I forgot to lift the plastic and ruined mine! 

I felt somehow disheartened within these otherwise magical moments, like I had ruined something. I felt like no matter how I tried and how I planned I couldn’t create the magic I was looking so forward to, the magic that made me feel so deeply connected to theater and to other people. I wanted a Broadway bond and I felt like if everything wasn’t perfect then I was unworthy. Or maybe I wanted it to be so perfect that in my heart I had a hard time reconciling anything less. I have found myself over and over and over this year and in all my time parenting having to remind myself of the following: my love is enough, relinquish control of things that don't bring joy, and not all of the little things are the big things! I have had to reexamine how I deal with my anxiety so that I do not find myself over-stressed and overwhelmed in moments where I just want to settle into being over the moon. 

All three of us had amazing times at Hamilton and Wicked. I love Broadway so much and I am so happy I shared this with them. I just wish it had not been despite my anxiety. My husband and I saw a few shows this year and they were also wonderful beautiful casts and stories in Waitress and Betrayal. The girls and I are going to see another show for my birthday next year. I have not decided what show or what day but I have decided that I don't need cute photo ops or the perfect seat to have a great time. I only need my girls.