Date Night in a Box

I was super stoked when I discovered Date Night in a Box... essentially a little kit for an at-home date! "Perfect" I thought! My children's birthmom has parenting time on Sunday afternoon/evening and the kids do not like us to stray to far because they rely on a goodnight phone call to get through their night. We try to do things nearby or be "on call" but sometimes it is hard to not get to have our "us" time! 

I bought the 3 month plan (3 potential dates) which usually cost $120 total but I got on a deal for $99. I thought "Who could beat 3 dates for under $100?"

The date boxes accumulated before we got to use them and when the final box came we were able to really sit down and go through them to get the job done. It just so happened that this happened during a pandemic. 

I opened all 3 boxes so we could figure out which we wanted to do and I realized that it would TAKE all three boxes to make a full date night. The games and activities were short, the spotify music lists didn't work, and the worst -- there was fudge packed in the first box and it had gone bad. 

This went from a great deal to feeling like a ripoff fast, however, we made the best of it! And I can honestly say if you are really just out of ideas or not the creative type this could be great inspiration for fun dates. For us... Mario Kart and cocktails can be romantic and we are super creative so some of this felt a little "meh". For that same reason I only snapped two random pics -- one of a room spray because it was made near where we live (top) and one of this funny "What Pizza Are You?" quiz -- which came in a box with not nearly enough pizza ingredients to feed two people!