Star Wars Minnie Mouse Ears


Thanks to my sister's legwork finding the best online tutorial for Mickey Ears I was able to make these amazing ears for an upcoming trip (that had been postponed twice) for me and a friend! I was so stoked to hit Rise of the Resistance with her and drink at Oga's Cantina! 

After pushing from March to June to September we are officially a no-go and I was so depressed we wouldnt be able to twin it up with the Dark Side, I added one set of the ears to a giveaway I was doing... when the winner got the prize she didn't even email or message or post and thank me in any way. I felt like paying it forward the Disney way would get me feeling better about my year with no trips but this just felt the opposite! I am a little disheartened so Ive decided the best way to blow the stink off me is to make a second pair of ears - more on that soon! :)